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Change Through Sound and Vision

Happy New Year from Reel Access

Raising Aspirations Through Sound and Vision
Raising Aspirations Through Sound and Vision

At the new Reel Access Studios we are jumping straight back into lots of exciting projects and ready to lose our Christmas bellies. Thanks to all the people we worked with last year for making our work enjoyable and satisfying.

Let’s take a look at some of the projects coming up in 2015:

We will be working with Into Film to challenge young people to make a film in just six weeks. See It Make It will be challenging, but I have a feeling that the young filmmakers of Birmingham will succeed!

Following the success of making our film ‘Life and Love in Ten Songs’ with people who have experienced homelessness, we are in the beginning stages of making another film ‘Wetlands’, which is definitely going to be one to watch out for this year.

We are also helping the children of Audley Primary school to make a very creative film about attendance.

We are still running our Young Filmmakers Club at mac on a Wednesday during term time, call us on 0121 5723030 if you you know of anyone who is interested. Check out our youtube channel for some of the films made by the YFC, including an award nominated short, ‘Problems’.

There’s plenty more going on at Reel Access, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more information.

We hope to have a fulfilling year helping people find their creative voices, and we wish all of you a very happy new year.


Re-Awakening Lea Village History Boards Unveiled

On the 8th of January 2014 the Lea Village History Boards were unveiled to a specially invited audience by town crier Ken Knowles, Reel Access Creative Producer Laura Breakwell and Shard End Councillor John Cotton.

The set of four local history boards located along the border of Lea Village, from the site of the original Lea Hall to the nearby Lea Village shop,s have been installed as a permanent reminder of the long history of the village. Each board focuses on a particular aspect of village life across its 800 year history.

A handy leaflet has been produced which maps out the boards locations and you should be able to pick these up at various locations across the area in the coming weeks. The boards contain just a small selection of the stories and images uncovered during the project and more information can be found in the Lea Village Archive which will be available to view at The Pump and Shard End Library.


Run For It Poster

Run For It Screening and Christmas Lights

Run For It Poster
Run For It Poster

Next Friday Friday 30 November 2012 sees the Premier Official Screening of ‘Run For It’ a film made in Lea Village. The film is based on Alan Sillitoe’s short story ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’.

The film has been produced by Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Reel Access and was filmed and stars young people aged 14 – 18 from Birmingham. The film will screen continuously between 5 – 7pm at The Pump, Kitts Green.

Along side the screening you can enjoy the events and activities being put on as part of the Lea Village Christmas Light Switch On festivities. The event kicks off at 4pm and will be a fun night out for all the family.

You can find The Pump here-

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In the office at Reel Access


I know you are probably wondering what happens in the Reel Access office on a daily basis. Well I thought it would be good to talk about what we are currently working on and what we are thinking about. I didn’t want this to be one of those terrible faux Christmas family newsletters which talks about how well Rupert is doing at University or that Martha has a had a tough year since her skiing accident. No. I wanted this to be about the company and what goes on behind the office doors. Who we work with and why? This is an opportunity for me to talk about this stuff because sometimes you are so in the mix of things that you miss so much and having a moment to step back and look at things are important.

Jill our General Manager is working very hard (She always works very hard mind you) getting things ready for our Re-Awakening Lea Village trip on Friday which I will be going on with local residents. She has also just reminded me that tomorrow we will get paid which is always a fantastic day for many people across this great land. Martin is working on the BuggyCam 2 exhibition and the posters he has created are brilliant and exciting. (Oh dear, here comes that Christmas newsletter feeling) The first of a number of BuggyCam exhibitions takes place on Tuesday 13th November at Ward End Library. Another great thing that has happened recently is that AlCOA the local company  did a clean up day here at The Pump which we filmed. I have to say I am so impressed with what ALCOA does for the area and especially the work of Bev and Sue.

At the moment Haqi Ali is here editing his feature film. I have known Haqi for many years and when he said he had self-funded a feature film and needed a place he could edit I couldn’t refuse him. Haqi is a stand up comic of some repute who loves working with community groups making films, small dramas and generally being a great guy. He comes here most days when the edit suite is free to look through footage, complain about drinking too much coffee and edit his Opus. Also Keith a local resident  pops in once a week to work on his novel. He regularly updates us about his thriller which is great because having Me, Jill and Martin as a sounding board must make a difference to him. I suppose he could write at home but he has chosen to come here which is good. Giving a resident like Keith the opportunity to come here and work is what Reel Access is all about. Alex Carroll a student from Staffordshire University has made contact with me because he wants to make a film which has community involvement at its heart. A couple of meetings later and Alex is working with a group and they have lots of great ideas for a film. What strikes me is that we are just a small company but in that smallness lots of great things are happening and people want to do things.

What I am trying to say is that through the obvious hard times Hodge Hill and Birmingham are facing. There is a sense of togetherness here. The Pump and the people of Lea Village have made great strides to make this happen and I hope in someways Reel Access has done and continues to do its bit. This has given me heart about the future and although tough times lie ahead I know in places like Lea Village and Hodge Hill we can strive to truly be in it together.