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Handsworth – The Comic!

Handworth resident and renowned cartoonist Hunt Emerson has formed HANDSWORTH CREATIVE CiC and is looking for your help.

HANDSWORTH CREATIVE CiC is looking to create Handsworth – The Comic! – the history of Handsworth in comic book format, featuring stories from the Neolithic to Now! The project is in its first phase and Hunt and his team are looking for people to get involved in a series of FREE workshops where people can get involved in telling stories about their lives in Handsworth, designing characters and learn about the local history of where you live.


So why not apply and find out more.

The workshops are due to begin in March and continue through July 2014 For workshop bookings simply email or phone Surjit at: surjit@handsworthcreative.com and 0777 904 6529.

For any further details about HANDSWORTH CREATIVE CiC contact Hunt Emerson at: hunt@handsworthcreative and 07852 632676.

For general information about Hunt Emerson fans should visit his own website at: www.largecow.com

Re-Awakening Lea Village

Re-Awakening Lea Village Launch Film

This short film was made during the ‘Re-Awakening Lea Village’ launch event held back in August. The film also features a brief interview with Guy Collier, lead researcher on the project and a brief look at the tour around Lea Village with local resident George Chiswell.

Keep checking back to see how the project is progressing and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any information, memories or stories you have about Lea Village.

We have set up a Tumblr page for the project where we will be posting photographs, comments and anything else we discover about Lea Village so come over and join the conversation there if you can – Re-Awakening Lea Village Tumblr.