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Life and Love in 10 Songs Trailer

In September we screened ‘Life and Love in 10 Songs’. The film was a huge success and we had lots of positive feedback not only from the participants who acted and helped us make the film but also from members of the general public. We are planning great things with the film and it will be shown nationally next year. For now though here is the trailer, enjoy.

Life Love 10 Songs

Life & Love In Ten Songs IndieGoGo Campaign

Unfortunately, we did not reach our target of raising enough money to work with the homeless charity SIFA Fireside to make the film ‘Life and Love in Ten Songs’. However, we will not give up so easily!

Firstly we must thank profusely everyone who donated! £900 is still such a big achievement, which means we will be putting our heads together and working out a way to raise the rest of the money so this brilliant film written by Lee Harris of SIFA Fireside can come to life.

We will be contacting the donators to thank them individually soon, but we cannot stress how grateful we are so far.

Life and Love in 10 Songs’ is a romantic comedy that will be a different take on the lives of homeless people, showing that relationships and romance can flourish from the most difficult and dire circumstances. The focus is on two people who find a mutual inner strength which develops into a love story and takes them on an unforeseen journey. The film is in 10 chapters with a theme song to each, which mirrors the journey they are on. It looks at people from a human perspective and tries to avoid the usual stereotyping of homeless people and substance abusers.

SIFA Fireside is a dynamic local charity working to tackle homelessness and alcohol misuse.  We are based in Digbeth, Birmingham and work with people aged 18 and over with no upper age limit. SIFA Fireside is proposing to work with not-for-profit film organisation Reel Access to produce a film that will be made in conjunction with the homeless men and women who use the centre.

Reel Access will be working with SIFA Fireside to provide filmmaking training those people who come come to centre and thus giving them active roles within the production. They will be given opportunities to act in the film.

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