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Life and Love in 10 Songs Trailer

In September we screened ‘Life and Love in 10 Songs’. The film was a huge success and we had lots of positive feedback not only from the participants who acted and helped us make the film but also from members of the general public. We are planning great things with the film and it will be shown nationally next year. For now though here is the trailer, enjoy.

Ignite The Planet In Our Hands

Ignite: The Planet In Our Hands

In February 2014 Reel Access had the opportunity to work with Thinktank’s Young People’s Forum, Ignite, and interview Professor Sir Mark Walport and Professor Alice Roberts to make a film about climate change.

We began by giving Ignite a crash course in filmmaking. None of them had ever made a film before so we started by going through what pre-visual information a film maker might need. They learnt about shot selection and how filmmakers use various shots to focus on character. They then moved on to thinking about their own film and how to shoot the main component, the interview itself. We got them thinking about how to shoot the two Professors and what questions they might ask. We also got them to explore the Thinktank looking for locations for filming and to consider how suitable they would be. We finished our first session by having a look at the cameras were going to use and practicing setting up for the interview.

In our second session we got the group to film the shots that will surround their interview. They were quite amazed at the amount of material that needs to be shot even to create their short film. Part of the group captured the shots that establish the location and were to be used as cut aways. A second group interviewed other young people about climate change and the role they play in it.

In our final session at Thinktank we finally met Professor Alice Roberts and Professor Sir Mark Walport to film the climate change interview. The group started by filming some of cut aways with Mark and Alice walking around the museum and exploring some of the exhibits. They then filmed the interview itself, asking Mark and Alice a range of questions ranging from the affects of the recent floods to the role of young people in tackling climate change. They finished up by filming the questions again, this time with the Ignite group being filmed asking a question each. These would later be edited in to look like a full interview. We then took all this footage away and added graphics and music to bring the whole film to completion.

Ignite are a group of young people aged 16-24 who volunteer for the museum. To learn more about the project head to the Thinktank blog – blog.thinktank.ac


Re-Awakening Lea Village History Boards Unveiled

On the 8th of January 2014 the Lea Village History Boards were unveiled to a specially invited audience by town crier Ken Knowles, Reel Access Creative Producer Laura Breakwell and Shard End Councillor John Cotton.

The set of four local history boards located along the border of Lea Village, from the site of the original Lea Hall to the nearby Lea Village shop,s have been installed as a permanent reminder of the long history of the village. Each board focuses on a particular aspect of village life across its 800 year history.

A handy leaflet has been produced which maps out the boards locations and you should be able to pick these up at various locations across the area in the coming weeks. The boards contain just a small selection of the stories and images uncovered during the project and more information can be found in the Lea Village Archive which will be available to view at The Pump and Shard End Library.


Alice An Extraordinary Adventure (32 of 36)

Alice: An Extraordinary Adventure in Pictures

Sunday 28th July and Monday 29th July saw Heartbreak Productions bring their acclaimed production of Alice: An Extraordinary Adventure to the Norman Chamberlain Playing Fields in Shard End. It was the first event of its type at the site and despite the weather being less than cooperative during the Monday performance it was a huge success.

Visitors got into the mood for a summer outdoor event by bringing blankets, picnics and of course umbrellas and took up positions around the checker board stage. The company of only four plucky performers were ably assisted by local children for several songs including an action packed chess battle.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come and support Alice especially The Friends of Kingfisher Park, Heartbreak Productions, Shard End Library and Birmingham City Council, you helped make it an experience we won’t forget.

Alice: An Extraordinary Gallery (To view a full size version just click on the images below)


The Bristol St. Cinema

The Bristol Street Cinema – Secret City Arts

This one of the films created as part Secret City Arts’ recent community history project funded by Heritage Lottery- All Our Stories Fund. The project explored the history and stories in and around Woodview, Edgbaston.
The cinema is now gone but many people still remember it in all it’s glory.

The drama work was based on creative sessions using archive material with students from BMET College.

Run For It Poster

Run For It Screening and Christmas Lights

Run For It Poster
Run For It Poster

Next Friday Friday 30 November 2012 sees the Premier Official Screening of ‘Run For It’ a film made in Lea Village. The film is based on Alan Sillitoe’s short story ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’.

The film has been produced by Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Reel Access and was filmed and stars young people aged 14 – 18 from Birmingham. The film will screen continuously between 5 – 7pm at The Pump, Kitts Green.

Along side the screening you can enjoy the events and activities being put on as part of the Lea Village Christmas Light Switch On festivities. The event kicks off at 4pm and will be a fun night out for all the family.

You can find The Pump here-

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BUGGYCAM Exhibition

Buggycam2 Exhibition across Birmingham

BuggyCam2 is the second programme of exciting creative projects that took place in various nurseries across Birmingham. The project was funded by Birmingham City Council and managed and coordinated by community arts organisation Reel Access.

The aim of BuggyCam was to see and understand how children under 5 see the world and their surroundings and give them opportunities to record and portray their visions, which they may not have been able to do to the same extent.

After the success of the previous BuggyCam project Reel Access wanted to expand and develop the project further.

Photography was a key element of the project; participants were taught how to use both digital and analogue cameras and were given the chance to have their work exhibited in various venues across Birmingham.

The exhibition is being held at Ward End Library from 13th November – 29th November moving to other venues across Birmingham.  Watch this space for details on future venues…….



Duke Bluebeard’s Castle

Reel Access has been given an amazing opportunity to work with Town Hall, Symphony Hall on a project that will use Bela Bartok’s opera, Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, as a stimulus to create an interactive DVD. The project which runs from October to December will bring together a number of artists and community groups from all over the city.

Reel Access will be working with a group of young people from St Basils to design and create seven films for the DVD that relate to the seven doors seen in the opera.

George Fleming, Artistic Director of Reel Access said. ‘This is such a brilliant project which I feel will test the creativity of all the young people involved. We are really pleased to be working with the
Town Hall, Symphony Hall on this and we can’t wait to see what the young people produce.’

There will be an event at THSH on the 5th of December to show off the finished DVD and the work of the groups.