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Reel Access Schools Projects

Creative Connections Showcase

Reel Access worked with three Birmingham primary schools as part of the Creative Connections programme. The children, aged 4–10, made their own artwork looking at the themes of heritage and identity at school and responding to their visits to Ikon gallery’s exhibitions by Vanley Burke, Fiona Banner, Dinh Q. Lê and Janet Mendelsohn.

The work produced included a sculpture, calendars, postcards, maps and a series of short films.

A weekend showcase of the children’s artwork, curated and promoted by young ambassadors from each school took place at Ikon.

The project was organised by Ikon in collaboration with Arts Connect.

The Bristol Street Cinema – Secret City Arts

This one of the films created as part Secret City Arts’ recent community history project funded by Heritage Lottery- All Our Stories Fund. The project explored the history and stories in and around Woodview, Edgbaston.
The cinema is now gone but many people still remember it in all it’s glory.

The drama work was based on creative sessions using archive material with students from BMET College.

Roots and Seeds with Secret City Arts

Secret City Arts have been working hard on their ‘Roots and Seeds’ project, and Reel Access was delighted to get involved.

Roots and Seeds is a project based around the shelter, refuge, fruit and shade that trees and forests can supply to people. The children made artwork based around this idea and covered concepts around nature and trees from roots to leaves. They developed some excellent stories for a performance and a film.

Working with Secret City Arts and children at Tame Valley primary school, exploring themes of uprooting and putting down roots. Using stories, mask, creative writing & theatre, inspired by traditional stories, collected memories and a field trip to the Lickey Hills and local urban green spaces.

Funded by BCC Next Generation Fund.

Mask Making and Mask Work with Pyn Stockman – Secret City Arts
Creative Writing with Mandy Ross – Secret City Arts
Music, Soundtrack and Audio Editing by Marc Reck – Reckorder


Dancing Zombies, Evil Teachers and Time Travellers!

Zombies, ghosts and all sorts of paranormal happenings were some of the ingredients that made up the summer residency we did last year with Rubina Din and The Pilot Partnership, formerly known as East EAZ. We worked with many local schools to produce excellent films based on great scripts written with Rubina.

Click here to watch some of the videos!

Young Enterprise: Our World

Reel Access was delighted to help the work of Young Enterprise in Ghana. Suki Kaur, a Young Enterprise Manager based at The Pump in Birmingham, travelled to Ghana in Africa, as a voluntary teacher. Suki worked at an Underprivileged Children’s Centre (UCC) in Accra and using Our World introduced an awareness of global enterprise to the lives of young people in Ghana, including those living in extreme hardship. See the finished video of their amazing work and adventures.

Janus and the White Horse

Janus and the White Horse is a live film / combined arts project in partnership with mac. The project received Research and Development funding from the Arts Council West Midlands in 2007-08, which culminated in a sharing event at MAC for members of the public. The project was put on hold while the mac was refurbished and we are now fundraising for the production phase of the project, which we are very excited about.